04 1 / 2012

Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

22 9 / 2011

…. it is sooo important the scent you are wearing… or im gonna speak at least for me.. it is sooo vital for me.. having more than one perfume in my cabinet, each one for an specific occasion or mood.

I like very sweet candy like scents, contrasted with some citrus and floral fresh aroma…  i like both.. and they don’t have to be combined of course…it would be a disgrace….

Since i was little, i´ve always liked to try a different smell, a different perfume, until i found the “one” MY scent, the one that I could smell and say…. -ok this is soo ME.

But, i just realized that all the perfumes i´ve had (excepting a couple that were some cheap presents for Christmas or my birthday) have been a part of me… and depending on the time, and the people, there´s always somebody or just me saying, ohh.. that scent reminds me of you… or.. oh i can remember that time when i used to wear that perfume. It was me. But no anymore.

So that´s why, excepting 3 or 4 of my favourites, i´ve never liked to buy the same perfume for a second time… even less if its in a row… No! It is like staying in time and not wanting to evolve. Everybody needs to change! I always need changes and that includes changing my scent every other time.

The only bottles that i´ve gone for a “re- fill” are:

1.       Banana Republic  Classic

2.       Lolita Lempitka   Lolita

3.       Issey Miyake   L´Eau D´ Issey

4.       Victoria´s Secret    Pink

They are so all different from each other but i can relate to all of them.

Besides those, i have tried some several others, like:

 J del Pozo: Halloween i loved it until it became way too popular and i felt everybody smelled like me.

 Lacoste: Touch of pink lovely but soo sweet that made me dizzy.

 Lacome: Miracle it was a perfect level of sweetness, with a fresh touch that i loved, until one of my best friends fell in love with it too, so i decided to switch with her and she gave me:

DKNY Be Delicious, fresh Blossom: this one might be up for a refill pretty soon, but now i want to try the green version which is 10 times better that this one.

Be Delicious is perfect for a night out, or a girls date…. definitely not for a romantic date… i find it too edgy. For a date with prince charming i prefer Lolita, it´s one of the scents i haven’t be able to describe so far… but i can tell you as a fact that this is a guy´s magnet. It works everytime….

And the list goes on and on…… that i could spend hours writing about every perfume i´ve tried and my experiences with them… but today I’m way too tired and tomorrow is a heavy day. Heavy Friday…

Ohh!! Although i have a guilty pleasure to confess tho, and trust me.. i feel soo embarrassed to admit it but what the hell! Ok, im not a huge fan of celebrity-turned-into-perfume-designer, but i got to say that i kind of like one of Paris Hilton´s “creations” (no idea which one it is)… but trust me don’t like it that much to dare to buy it.

There you go….now, i can go to sleep in peace.

21 9 / 2011

Im starting a new personal trend for September: mixing all kinds of electrical, neon, “cupcake like” nail colors, with a neutral palette in my wardrobe, and i consider it a total success! Its just the perfect touch of vividness i needed for this boring and dull phase im going through fashionly speaking.

This week, i polished my nails in a bright lolly pop pink, and for example today i mixed it up with a grey top, a black blazer, a pair of skinny jeans and black booties. The nails just popped out, and i even got one compliment from a girl saying that just looking at my fingers made her crave some lollies!

Im leaving them pink until next Monday, and then, i´ll try some orange-Fanta nail polish.

The trick to stay trendy and cool avoid the tackiness is always ALWAYS keeping them short and round. Long squared “Jersey Shore” like nails is a big NO for this trend.

Let´s see how it goes….

24 4 / 2011

24 4 / 2011

today is one of those days where you think the most excitement you´ll get is go for an ice cream while you walk your dog… and then boom! you get to know a sister you never knew you had. wow… i regret the times i said hollywood was full of unrealistic and senseless films. Now i feel like i´m starring one.

18 2 / 2011

This is what i want for christmas!

This is what i want for christmas!

17 2 / 2011

sad but its true!

17 2 / 2011

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17 2 / 2011



Drink drink drink drink drink drink drink DRIIIIIINK oh hey girl drink drink drink drink THAT GUY LOOKS LIKE THE BAD GUY IN AN 80’S MOVIE drink drink drink drink drink OH HEY GIRL drink drink drink drink no more open bar drink drink oh hey the Blackbook girls are mad adorbz drink drink TAXI drink…

I think I was the bad guy from the 80’s movie. And this concludes my coverage of NYFW. Thank you tumblr, it’s an experience I won’t soon forget.

17 2 / 2011

"Yes, at least my heart is full again!! not love, but at least its full!"